Saturday, May 11, 2013

May 11, 2013-Increasing Faith

Prayer focus May 11-17, 2013
This week's church prayer is for
Grace Baptist Church of Waterford
5311 Pontiac Lake Rd.

"When it goes well with the [uncompromisingly] righteous, the city rejoices..." Proverbs 11:10
"By the blessing of the influence of the upright and God's favor [because of them] the city is exalted..." Proverbs 11:11

Father God I pray that Your people-the uncompromisingly righteous-grow in faith.  That we all trust in You to a greater level than we ever have before.  Righteousness comes by faith in Jesus Christ alone but our faith in You can grow!  I pray the preaching of the Word of God increases for this is how faith comes.  And that Your people pray in the Holy Ghost for this builds up and strengthens our faith.

I pray that the faith of Your people-all those who consider themselves Christian-grows and increases continually and becomes more consistent.  That we are consistent and steadfast in our trust in You.  And that we recognize the faith that we do have--the mustard seed type of faith--that even if small can move mountains!

I thank You that Waterford will rejoice as things go well with the righteous.  I thank You that the influence of the righteous upon Waterford is a blessing and by that influence and blessing and Your favor Waterford is exalted.  I pray that as our faith grows exceedingly that we are more and more able to handle Your blessing and Your favor upon us and stay free from pride and deceptive influences.

At the very center or core, the foundation, the bedrock of the human heart,
God longs to find faith, and a heart yielded to Him.  On this kind of foundation He can build His Kingdom.

2 Thessalonians 1:3, Romans 10:17, Jude 20, Matthew 17:20, Psalm 11:1-3

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