Friday, October 26, 2012

October 26, 2012 - Acknowledge & Be Still

Prayer focus for October 26-November 2, 2012

I'm posting this blog a day early since I will be at a conference all day tomorrow.

My prayer, Father God, is that all thoughts turn to You.  That we acknowledge You in all our ways, in all our affairs--financially, socially and all the paths that we normally leave You out of.  Guide us in every way Lord. Proverbs 3:6.

I pray for protection this upcoming week--physical protection and spiritually as well.  Let us honor You, even during this Halloween week.  I pray Psalm 91 over the Township.  We come to Your secret place, under your shadow.  Be our refuge and fortress.  We trust in You!

Psalms 46:10: Be still and know that I am God.  Before we start on a path, let us acknowledge Him and wait for Him.  Instead of running off into several different directions, trying to run down several paths at once, we need to be still and let God show us which way to go.  God show us what to do with our time.

Isaiah 55:12: For you shall go out with joy, and be led forth with peace... Let peace lead.  Don't rush.  God I pray Your people be still, calm and full of peace now and throughout the upcoming season.  That we are not impulsive in our decisions, in our spending.  That we don't start this season off with a "sugar high" or a false energy that leads us to make quick and wrong decisions.  Let us be mature in You and soak in Your presence, hearing Your voice clearly!

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