Saturday, January 21, 2012

January 21, 2012 - Prayer Focus

This week's prayer focus:

The Southwest Quadrant of the Township
Oakland Community College
Hope Community Church
Four Towns United Methodist Church

Pray for the churches in this quadrant.  That they have fresh vision and direction from the Lord.  For the members to experience deliverance from whatever might have them bound. 

Pray for the families, that people prioritize and make choices that put God and His ways first in their lives.  That people stop the busyiness and routines that have become meaningless.  That they take time to re-evaluate, re-prioritize and examine what they are doing so their lives become more meaningful.
For people to have quality times of rest which will bring the strength they need.  That the families experience financial recovery and their jobs make use of their God given talents and gifts.  That adjustments are made so they are fulfilling their calling and destiny.

Pray for the businesses in the region.  That they become healthy businesses that bring blessing to the community.

Pray for the Presidential election.  That it becomes clear who should be the next president.  That God's anointing rest on this person and that it becomes obvious who he is.  That people see that and vote for him.

Pray for the government from the Federal government down to the Township government. And the schools--children, staff and school board members.  That's God's principles are in effect. 

Pray for the State Educational authorities, that they are more concerned with being both historically and biblically correct in their resolutions then with being "politically" correct.

Have a great week!

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