Friday, June 17, 2011

June 15, 2011 - Schools & Children

Prayer for the schools.  Day cares, preschools, elementary, middle and high schools and colleges.  For the safety of all the children and young people.  For an atmosphere of peace, love and encouragement.  For the Spirit of God to touch the hearts of the children, young people, teachers, principals, administrators and all those in decision making positions or positions of influence in our schools.  That the children will be able to learn in a positive atmosphere and become the best they can be.  That school is a positive influence, becoming a positive memory in their lives.

Prayer for the busses and bus drivers.  For safety and a good atmosphere on the busses.  For all of the extra curricular activities--sports, etc.  That there is praise & encouragement for the kids to do their best and not negative criticism or sarcasm.  That friendship, teamwork and unity are learned and experienced.

Prayer for the families.  For abused and neglected kids.  That no one goes unnoticed or unhelped.  That the families of the Township become places of safety, peace and love.  That churches reach out to the young people and families of the Township and have something to offer them.  Something real.  A real and living touch from God.

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