Saturday, December 7, 2019

Speaking Genesis, Exodus and Leviticus

Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus
Beginning November 1st of this year, I began a one-year through-the-Bible assignment of reading, speaking, and proclaiming the entire Bible over America. I've had an amazing time doing this. In addition to reading the Bible OUT LOUD and then praying and proclaiming over the land as the Lord leads, I've also written down summaries of the chapters and books I've read. I'm posting a summary of the summaries here. I would encourage you to do this at some point. The process of reading/speaking/writing the Word of God brings great insight into what you're reading, while being His mouthpiece in the earth. And His Word will not return to Him void when its spoken from His mouth. It will accomplish what He intends for it to.

Genesis Summary

  • Follow the "pattern of weeks" that God established in the beginning. Plan, implement, and rest according to this pattern.
  • Be a master over sin.
  • Let the righteous fathers arise and bring God's favor to our nation.
  • God loves the earth and made a covenant with it. Let the sons of God arise and care for the earth. 
  • Take care of what God has entrusted to you. Both the land and your children. Prepare your children for the future with blessing and prophecy. Teach future generations the ways of the kingdom. 
  • Value all brothers and sisters, honor the fathers, all will be restored.
  • There is more value in a few who have purity of righteousness over a large number of lukewarm believers.
  • Wholeheartedly serve the Lord in your personal life. Get rid of double mindedness. The whole nation will follow. One nation under God, indivisible.
  • God made a seed-covenant with Israel. We bless Israel and take notice their example. We learn from them and honor God.
  • We settle geographically and occupationally as the Lord has called us. We give Him a tenth of all.
  • All cultures and bloodlines--turn to the blood of Jesus. 
  • We speak the Word of God over the land and the people. 
  • We will work hard and not get discouraged by tough times. 
  • We maintain integrity and faithfulness in both good times and bad. Our dreams will come true and God's kingdom will be established.
  • We will not be discouraged when God is silent. Time is being given for the nation to grow and flourish. The famines will drive us to look to the paths of our godly, founding fathers. We re-dig the wells. 
  • We seek God and His favor & blessing over man's.
  • We look to dwell in His house.
Exodus Summary
  • God told Moses the history of Israel. It was important for him to know if he was going to lead the people out of slavery. We will study the history of our nation.
  • Rather than becoming angry when it looks like things are worse, we will trust the Lord. His deliverance will come. We won't compromise and settle for less.
  • God can and will do miracles when necessary. The bondage will end. Let the people of God go!
  • Remember the blood. God can deliver an entire nation. Apply the blood to you and your family. Obey God and you will remain healthy and provided for.
  • The laws and statutes of God are to be the same as the nation's laws. Teach them to your children. Teach them to your leaders. Judge according to them. Worship God yourself, build an altar in your heart. Worship.
  • The Israelites were given the laws before the land. Know His Word. Study them. Live by them. Teach them. 
  • These are the foundations of a godly nation-- 12 tribes/families. 70 elders/community judges. The blood covenant, 40 days/nights of meeting with the Lord to establish laws, seeking His face for the pattern. Willingly contributing to the cost of establishing His place in our midst, taking night watches.
  • As priests, don't take your consecration and anointing lightly. Wash your robes in the blood.
  • Seek God's face above the face of leaders. Recognize your skill from the Lord, willingly offer yourself for His work, and mentor others in your skilled area.
  • The government is to be in alignment with the laws of God.
Leviticus Summary
  • Sin must be dealt with according to God's specific standards. Blood must be shed as He instructs. 
  • Don't hide your sin or it will spread. It will not go away by hiding it.
  • Search your heart sincerely, deeply, for any way you are displeasing the Lord. Ask Him to show you sin you are unaware of.
  • Plead the blood of Jesus. The ultimate, pure, sacrifice for our sin. Honor Him. Honor His blood.
  • The Lord gave His commands and the people heard them through Moses. Then they implemented them. We must do more than hear His commands, or even teach them, we must do them. Then we will experience what He has said. We will learn how to obey Him more effectively. We will see consequences of obedience and disobedience. We will experience the fear, glory, and blessing of the Lord. Seek to know, understand, and experience His ways more.
  • Don't touch what is unclean. Don't cover up sin. Expose it to the light.
  • Be pure and clean in body and home. 
  • Don't participate in sin and don't condone it in others.
  • Honor God. 
  • Treat others well, as He says. 
  • Treat the land well. Rest.
  • Follow His heart in taking care of your body, clothing, land, and each other.
  • Keep His feasts, habits, traditions, and know why. Know His mind. Understand His ways.
  • The foreigner and natives are to abide by the same laws. But only the natives could permanently own property. Buy property! Buy land! Except for the city homes, all property remains to the natives permanently.
  • Obey God first above all things and all will be well. Fighting the enemy is not to be first. Obey God first and He will bring victory, prosperity, and peace to the land!

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Acts 17: Part 3--Land

Once again, Acts 17:26-27 tells us:

26 and He made from one man every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth, having determined their appointed times and the boundaries of their habitation, 27 that they would seek God, if perhaps they might grope for Him and find Him, though He is not far from each one of us; 

This verse speaks of three things—seasons (appointed times) which we looked at here, tribes (nations) which we looked at here, and land (boundaries of their habitation) which we'll look at in this blog. God has appointed times, boundaries, and seasons for all of mankind. He has appointed them for you and your family (tribe), as well as your community and nation.

After the flood, God made a covenant with the earth, not to destroy it because of man’s sin. He also established that seasons would remain as long as the earth did (Genesis 8:21-22).  God loves the earth—the land, the dirt and everything in it. Revelation 11:18 tells us that He will destroy those who destroy the earth. We're not to trash the earth. God loves it. He created it first and then put man here to take care of it. 

The Bible tells us that creation groans until the revealing of the sons of God (Romans 8:19-22). Why? What are the sons of God to do? Take care of the earth—the land—the nations—and rule according to God’s ways—which is good for the earth and the people in it. 

Care for your earth—your land--and take care of yourself—your body--which is made from the dirt. Align yourself spirit, soul, and body with God and His ways. As we take care of our own lives properly, we gain authority to expand beyond ourselves to our families, communities, and so on. Tend to your garden. Leave it better than when you came. 

The land (and water) is your provision. In the parable of money usage (Luke 19:11) the nobleman gave his slaves money and told each of them to do business with it until he returned. Some translations say, "Occupy until I come." They were to do business, occupy a certain place or space, until he returned. 

Where or what you occupy is your occupation. Your work, whether its a business on your own land or holding a position somewhere else, provides for you. You produce wealth from it. At least, that's the intention and purpose of your work. You have a position, or work, to do whether geographically or occupationally with your life--your time, talent, skill, energy etc.

When we look to the beginning, the first half of Genesis we gain insight into God’s plan for the land. 
  • The Pattern of the Week.
    God gave us an example of work and rest-- to work six days and rest on the seventh--the Sabbath. This is a pattern to follow still to
    day. The day of rest (Sabbath) is for the Lord. A reminder that we do not rely on our own strength. Determine in your heart to follow this pattern of the week.
  • Noah's dove.
          The dove sought rest and returned to Noah. By doing so she brought a message of truth and hope. The raven just continued in its own strength out on its own which represents trying to maintain through our own strength, even our own "religious" works.
    Become a warrior dove of rest in your land.
  •          Favor of the Righteous FathersRighteous fathers have brought God’s favor to the Earth—Noah and Abraham for example.The people learned through them both to obey God, as there were consequences for disobedience. Pray for righteous fathers to arise today and bring God’s favor to the earth.
  •         Tower of BabelGod scattered the tribes/families into other lands. God’s intention was never a global government or culture. Remember how your tribe and culture honors the Lord, while respecting/admiring others too. (Not compromising your faith in Jesus Christ, but not trying to conform everyone to be like you).
  •         Israel’s Covenant LandGod gave Israel a specific land with boundaries and laws on how to live in that land. God said He would bless those who bless Israel.Bless Israel and pray for them.
  •        Ten Righteous could have saved a cityAbraham negotiated for Sodom and Gomorrah and was told that the city would not be destroyed if there were ten righteous in it. If there would have been, the entire city would have been spared. The depth of pure righteousness in a few will do more for a city than having many lukewarm “Christians" in it. Don’t be lukewarm. Unity in a nation comes from an undivided heart in God’s people. Wholeheartedly serve the Lord.
  •         Seed CovenantAbraham was willing to sacrifice his son, so God gave His Son for the sin of mankind. Later, Isaac had to stay in the land, but bring a wife back home from his father’s people/blood. Jacob as well, took a wife from the same bloodline. Canaan and his descendants were cursed (because of Ham) and had to be removed from the land.Stay in the land you are called to, but maintain the ways of the Kingdom in it. Don’t give in to the sin around you.

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Acts 17: Part 2--Tribes, and the 2020 Assignment

Everyone has a tribe. We're all born into a tribe--a family. Families are what God designed for babies to be born into. Ideally, when a baby grows and learns the ways of life, he has a family of those who care about him to nurture, teach, and guide him throughout his life. He will grow into an independent adult and find his place in the community, eventually expanding his tribe to include some people outside of his family. Individuals are placed in families, families in communities, and communities in regions and nations.

In Mark 2 we read the story of the paralyzed man whose four friends tried to get him to Jesus so he could be healed. They couldn't get through the crowd so they took him up on the roof, tore up the roof, and put the man down through the roof next to Jesus. Jesus was impressed with their faith. The man was forgiven of his sins and healed. He was free to find and fulfill his destiny.

This story shows the importance of being connected to a tribe who will help you get closer to Jesus so you can be healed of whatever is standing in the way of you fulfilling your destiny. His friends were not part of the crowd which was blocking the path to Jesus--where his destiny awaited him. No, they helped him get through whatever obstacles were in the way so he could fulfill his purpose in life. These are true friends.

Each family, group, or tribe will develop its own personality. Each of us have individual gifts and personality traits, but the groups we are a part of also have their own traits, or ethos. Merriam Webster defines ethos as "the distinguishing character, sentiment, moral nature, or guiding beliefs of a person, group, or institution." Together we have a certain character.

Of course, there are challenges in relationships. There always are. We are constantly sanding the rough edges off of each other. In 1 John we read that when we walk in the light as He is in the light, we have fellowship one with another and the blood of Jesus cleanses us from all sin. As each of us individually walk in the light of the Lord, we will be able to walk in fellowship, not only with the Lord, but with each other.

A corporation is usually made up of at least three people, yet it has its own purpose. Its own character. Its own bank account. Its its own entity. Jesus said where two or three gather in His name He is in the midst (Matthew 18:20). His presence is the ethos that manifests as we gather. The Holy Spirit can also be the ethos that manifests as we gather. And the purpose He gives us as a group contributes to this ethos. Just like a good bowl of chili is made up of individual ingredients which blend together and make a unique taste, so does a tribe of people develop a taste of their own through the individual people that make it up.

How is the Lord manifesting Himself in your group? How is He revealing Himself? As a teacher? A Healer? A prophet? A leader? Its not always about the good feeling 'goosebumps' where His presence is very thick and obvious and makes you want to melt into a peaceful blob. Sometimes there is work to do, and He wants us to roll up our sleeves and get going. Read. Pray. Study. Seek Him. Intercede. Fast. Do something. Your group is unique and He will reveal Himself to you, and lead you, according to your ethos--the corporate purpose and call of your group. Find the purpose of your tribe(s) and it will help you find your purpose in life.

The Lord showed me an assignment for 2020. Its to counter the toxic words--lies--which have been spoken over America, especially the last few years. Lies are overcome by truth. The Word of God and Spirit of God are truth. I am speaking the Word of God--the entire Bible--over America from November 1, 2019 until the end of October 2020. Join me! More information here.

In Isaiah 55 we read that the Word of God which goes out of His mouth will not return to Him without having accomplished what it was sent to do. Those who believe in Jesus are His body in the earth. His Words spoken out of our mouth are powerful, when we breathe them/speak them from a heart filled with the Holy Spirit. Like a seed that gets planted and produces a harvest, the Word of God does something when spoken. It does what God intends for them to do. Jesus told His disciples that they were clean through the word He'd spoken to them. The spoken Word of God cleanses people. (John 15:3). Join me in speaking His Word--the Bible--over the nation in the twelve months leading up to the 2020 presidential election.

Friday, October 25, 2019

Acts 17: Part 1--Times & Seasons

Our lives are made up of seasons that come and go. Some things stay the same while other things change periodically. God has designed mankind to live and work through these seasons. He has appointed these seasons, yet He gives us time so we can make decisions and learn from our choices.
11 He has made everything appropriate in its time. He has also set eternity in their heart, yet so that man will not find out the work which God has done from the beginning even to the end. Ecclesiastes 3:11.
God makes everything appropriate in its time. There is a season for everything. He appoints the seasons of our lives, yet He gives us the ability to choose what we will do with our time within those seasons. God has given everyone a free will. The ability to choose.
24 The God who made the world and all things in it, since He is Lord of heaven and earth, does not dwell in temples made with hands; 25 nor is He served by human hands, as though He needed anything, since He Himself gives to all people life and breath and all things; 26 and He made from one man every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth, having determined their appointed times and the boundaries of their habitation, 27 that they would seek God, if perhaps they might grope for Him and find Him, though He is not far from each one of us; Acts 17:24-27.
Not only does He determine seasons, but the boundaries of mankind--of the nations. Naturally, the season you are in is affected by location as well as time. Winter in Florida is much different then winter in northern Michigan. This affects how you live to a certain degree, yet you still have a choice of what to do with your time during that winter season. When we are in the right place at the right time, we will be in the right season of our life. Within those seasons, we make decision that will affect tomorrow--upcoming seasons--and even future generations.

Seasons are designed for growth. For the most part, we determine the speed and level of our growth.  There are certain things appointed for us to learn and experience during a season which will cause us to grow to a point where we can flourish in the next season. Yet, we can affect the growth we will experience in a season by our choices. God prepares us for upcoming seasons. He doesn't push us into things before we are ready. We may not always think we are ready, but He knows when we are. He gives us time to grow, time to learn, and time to see the consequence of our decisions. 

God, by His grace, keeps us in a season long enough to give us time to grow, which prepares us for the next season so it won’t destroy us. If we're not getting it, He is patient. However, there may be times we are launched into the next season, ready or not. This too is a learning experience. We must use our time wisely so we are prepared for what's ahead. Make the most of your time (Ephesians 5:16). If you feel stuck in a season when you sense you should be moving to the next, look at what you're doing with your choices--time, money, space, relationships etc.

It may be tempting to try and hurry through a season when its not time. Some seasons are more difficult than others. Trying to rush through a season could be destructive for ourselves or others. It may open a door for the enemy. On the other hand, God may shorten the days of a season. At the end of this age He will shorten the days of that season to save His people. 
20 Unless the Lord had shortened those days, no life would have been saved; but for the sake of the elect, whom He chose, He shortened the days. Mark 13:20.
Job had entered a season. He was a righteous man who went through a season where he lost everything--children, wealth etc. That was followed by a season where he lost his health. He went through very difficult times. Job remained upright, but he didn't have a proper perspective on his situation which God corrected when He spoke to him. Job repented and everything was restored to him.

Both of Job's difficult seasons began with accusations from the enemy. God doesn’t take accusations lightly, even from the accuser himself-Satan. God answers the accusations with evidence. In this case, the evidence was that Job maintained his righteousness during trying times. As you maintain your faithfulness to the Lord during difficult times, you are providing evidence God can use to silence the accuser.

What is your season right now? Each season has a purpose. Are you in a spring season of new growth and energy? Or a summer season of maintaining during dry, hot times? Are you in a fall season of harvest? Or is it a winter season of rest and regrouping? Whatever the season, maintain your faithfulness to the Lord. 

When going through a season consider the following.
  • Your physical location. Are you in the place you are supposed to be?
  • Your family. What is going on in their life that affects you?
  • Your relationships with friends, co-workers, and acquaintances. Are there changes to be made? Are you with the right people? Are the people you hang with part of your tribe--ones who help you get closer to the Lord instead of keeping you away? (Luke 5:17-26).
  • Your source of provision. How are you provided for? Where does your money come from? Is this in alignment with the Lord's will for you during this season?
  • Circumstances and coincidences in your life. Look for what the Lord is saying through these things. 
  • What are the characteristics of this season? Refreshing, plentiful, mountaintop, dry, hot, laborious, etc. 
  • What has been going on that you haven’t been able to change? Ask the Lord what you need to do with your time, choices, money, in this season, so the proper changes and positioning can occur.
  • Make an intentional pursuit of the Lord. Be a student, a disciple of the Word and the Lord. Don't wait for a special leading or goosebumps.
  • Remain faithful to Him at all costs. The trying of your faith/faithfulness is more precious than gold. (James 1:3).
  • Ask for His perspective of your season. You are seated with Him in heavenly places. Take a look at your life from His point of view. (Ephesians 2:6).
  • Love and seek the truth even if it costs. That is the protection against deception. (Proverbs 23:23, 2 Thessalonians 2:10-11).
Four point to remember during a difficult season:

1. Honor Him. Praise Him. Fear Him, not people or circumstances. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Knowing He is the all-powerful God puts everything in proper perspective. (Psalm 22:23-26Proverbs 9:10)

2. Know Him. Know He is good. He is love. If you see Him as mean, unforgiving, and unreasonable, you won’t do with your time what you need to. Time is a gift. There are certain gifts that everyone has been given. Time is one of those. Don't bury your time-talent. (Psalm 34Matthew 25:14-30). Don't waste your gift of time. Know that He will help you fulfill your call.

3. Trust Him. Job said his hope/trust in God would remain even if He killed him. (Job 13:15). He knew that the Lord knows best. He will not fail us. It's much easier to trust Him if you know Him, and know He is good.

4. Wait for Him. Remain faithful during the tough times. Be patient throughout the season you are in. Through faith and patience we inherit the promises. (Psalm 27:11-14; Isaiah 40:31; Hebrews 6:12). 

Father God, help us to recognize the season we are in right now. Help us to clearly see the proper choices we need to make regarding what to do with our time, our money, our relationships and everything else necessary for us to be ready for the next season. 

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Discerning the Priestly and the Prophetic

Jesus is our Great High Priest who intercedes for us in Heaven. He was tempted in every way, just like we are, so He can "sympathize with our weaknesses." He knows what its like to experience the things we do while living here on Earth, yet He never sinned. Instead, He offered Himself up as the sacrifice for our sins so all who believe in Him may have eternal life--forgiven, cleansed, and empowered by the Holy Spirit to live right (Hebrews 4:15, Hebrews 7:24-27, Acts 1:8). As a priest, He relates to us and prays to the Father on our behalf.

As a prophet, Jesus spoke what He heard His Father speak. He taught the people, explaining the Scripture. He spoke for the Father. He was the Word of God made flesh. (John 12:49-50, Matthew 9:35, John 1;14, Matthew 13:57). As a prophet, He proclaimed the Word of the Father--Truth--without compromise, which give life to all who take heed.

Jesus was the true light, who enlightens others. He called His disciples the light of the world. (John 1:9, Matthew 5:14). There are times we feel, like He did and still does, the need of those around us and we can pray and intercede for them. There are also times we can hear and feel the heart of God, seeing the world around us from His perspective, and we speak in alignment with that. His words of truth give light and life.

Father God, help us, and all Your people in the Waterford area, discern the difference between the priestly and the prophetic. Help us know when we are to approach You as intercessors on behalf of others, and when we are to speak Your words uncompromisingly. We want Your truth. We always want to speak the truth, yet we want to ask for mercy whenever possible. Show us how to be true light to the world around us--our families, friends, workplace, churches, and communities.

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Lord, Plant Seeds of Truth

Lord, we pray for a genuine, tangible, manifestation of Your presence here in Waterford Township. Touch the businesses, the elderly, the schools. Let there be revival in the schools. That the hearts of the students, from pre-school through college, seek truth. The Truth. That they have discernment to know the difference between Truth and opinion. That they recognize lies as being lies and don't follow them. Purge them of indoctrination that is untruthful. That those seeds do not take root and produce. Plant seeds in our young people Lord. Seeds of truth and love. Bring people across their path to plant and nurture these seeds.

We pray for protection for all of the students in Waterford. Spirit, soul, and body. Spiritually, mentally, emotionally, intellectually, socially, physically, sexually, financially, and in every way. Keep them safe. Turn their attention to You. Draw them to You. Pour out Your Spirit on the young people. Let them find You.

We also pray for the parks. That they be places where people will find You through nature. That they see Your beauty, love, and magnificence. Your intricate designs and plans, and know You are real. We pray for the roads and railroads. The paths and trails throughout the township. We pray for the government and the churches. Let even the churches be amazed at the work You do here. We pray sincerely. Be a part of it all, Lord. Govern it all. Your will be done, Your kingdom come to Waterford!

Saturday, August 17, 2019

The Wheat and the Tares

In the parable of the Tares and the Wheat, Jesus explained that He sows good wheat seed into the world while the enemy sows tares. He says that the good seed are the sons of the kingdom, and the tares are the sons of the evil one. It's commonly accepted that these tares of the Bible are darnel seed or Lolium temulentum. These tares look a lot like wheat but the difference is clear once the ear appears.

In the parable, when the slaves of the landowner ask if they should take out the tares from among the wheat once they were discovered, He says no, because they might uproot the wheat if they do. He says to let them both grow together until the harvest (the end of the age) and then each one will be dealt with properly--the tares into the furnace to be burned and the righteous will shine in the kingdom of their Father. (Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43).

It's all about the seed. It's not about appearances. A seed will produce the fruit of whatever kind of seed it is. If you are an apple seed you don't become an orange tree just by being planted in the middle of them or trying to act like one. Even though the tares are planted among the wheat, and may even look like them for a time, the evidence of what kind of seed it is will be clear once the fruit starts to appear.

There is an enemy of the Lord who has infiltrated the earth producing "evil sons." Knowingly or unknowingly, they will try and uproot what God is doing--the kingdom He is building. People may be truly sincere, not realizing what kind of seed they are, but the fruit of their lives will identify that. Jesus said you will know them by their fruit (Matthew 7:20).

Thank God that in the realm of the spirit, a seed can be changed from evil to good. Jesus said the good seed are the sons of the kingdom. A person becomes a son of the kingdom by believing in Jesus. And the sons of God will follow the Spirit of God (John 1:12, Romans 8:14-17). The seed can be converted, but only through faith in Jesus Christ--the One who died for our sins, paying the debt our sin caused which we could never pay. If you believe in Him, you are a son (or daughter) of the kingdom, but be aware of the enemy that is out there trying to choke out or uproot what your heavenly Father wants to do in your life, your family, your church, and your community.

Father God, I pray for sons of the kingdom to be planted throughout Waterford and the surrounding region--throughout Michigan. I pray they are planted in place--the places You've called them to be, and that they are protected from the plans of the enemy to choke out or uproot what You are doing in their lives. I pray for these sons to have discernment, and to be watchful, so they properly tend to the field You've called them to. For them to watch and pray to prevent evil seeds from being planted. For them to recognize good from evil, and for them to preach Your Word so hearts can be changed and converted to good seed. Send Your heavenly host--Your angelic, ministering spirits to give aid and assistance to these sons of the kingdom, so Your kingdom comes, Your will is done throughout Waterford and Michigan.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Evidence of Truth, Evidence of God

Truth is spiritual. It consists of realities and laws. These laws are things that apply consistently. If truth were not consistent, it wouldn't be truth. However, truths are consistent because there is power that exists to carry them out. This power guides them and manages them. This power oversees them. Because of this, truth requires an intelligent, thinking, personality, with a will, who will consistently define, manage, and guide it. This intelligent being is the One by whom truth is defined. He is truth.

Truth cannot exist apart from this Personality who has the power to define it. We call Him God. He expresses His truths in thoughts and words. An untruthful being can say things, but has no power to make them a reality. He can only deceive and try and get people to act on his words as if they were true, but this deception leads only to confusion and death because truth will always prevail.

When God speaks, along with His words comes the power to back up what He says. Jesus proved the truth and power of God by becoming the Word of God made flesh, and living out on earth the reality of God's truths. He proved them to be true. He became the evidence of their truth. This evidence is proof of God's reality, and His power over all things. (Hebrews 1:1-3, Isaiah 55:11).

Take that one step further to see that God has given people the ability to speak words out of a free heart. That's why the fall of man was so devastating. A heart that is not aligned with truth will cause confusion when it speaks. But this ability to speak words from a free heart is also why redeemed man is so powerful. Men, or women, who are believers in Jesus Christ are His witnesses. A witness testifies of truth. A believer's words and life are evidence of the truth of God. This evidence will speak eternally to disprove the accusations of the enemy--who accuses God of not being true, and accuses the saints as well.

Its wonderful that we, as believers, are His witnesses, but it takes faith to see truth, to see reality, to see God's thoughts. That's why its impossible to please Him without faith. By faith we see God for who He really is. We see that He is good. He is life. He is love. He is truth. Those who come to Him must believe that He is--that He exists--AND that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. He is a rewarder. He doesn't take pleasure in punishment. He is good. (Hebrews 11:6).

So because of who He is, God's presence contains power. He entire being emits energy--power--that causes His thoughts and desires to become a reality. When He looks, thinks, and speaks, the power is magnified. We find the truth of who God the Father is when we look at Jesus. Jesus is the Word of God made flesh. He reveals who God is--His thoughts and desires. His life, truth, love, and power.

The woman with the issue of blood felt power go into her when she touched Jesus' clothes. She saw Him for who He is--the Healer--and that healing energy flowed from Him to her. Her perception of who He is brought her exactly that. When our perception of God matches the truth of who He is, then the same power is released towards us. This is faith. Additionally, this woman received healing, but when Jesus turned to look at her and she allowed Him to examine what she had done, she was told her faith had healed her and to go in peace. She received something above and beyond healing when she allowed Jesus to see her and judge her actions. (Mark 5:25-34).

The power of who God is is even more pronounced when He looks at something. When we cry out for Him to look at us, we are saying we want His gaze, His power, His truth, to see us, make a decision, and act on our behalf. We are trusting that His decision will be good. We see Him, by faith, as One who is good and whose power will bring life to us, not death. We are humbly saying we trust He will be merciful towards us, not giving us what we deserve, but releasing His favor towards us which Jesus provided for us. The blind man cried out for Jesus to have mercy on him and he was healed. He wasn't content to let Jesus walk by without looking at him, without healing him. Even David, when he knew judgement would be brought on him, chose God's judgement over mans, knowing that God would be merciful quicker than man would. (Luke 18:35-43, 1 Chronicles 21:13).

This is why Jesus said He will say to those who use the power of God but hide from Him, not allowing Him to look at them, 'Depart from Me, I never knew you." We need His gaze. We need Him to look at us, to see us, to see what we're doing and thinking, and judge our thoughts and the intents of our hearts. We also need to judge ourselves by what He has spoken, by His Word. The pure in heart will see God, and these are the ones who have allowed God to look at them first. (Matthew 7:21-23, 1 Corinthians 11:31, Matthew 5:8).

It's amazing that God chose to share His Spirit with us. He fills those who believe in Him with His Spirit of truth and power. His living Word comes to live inside of those who believe in Him. Those who call out to Him and submit to Him as Lord of their life. To these ones He entrusts the power of His Word, His thoughts, His truth. We access this by faith. (John 14:15-17, John 14:23, Romans 8, Acts 1:8).

God, who is the Author of both truth and love, has the power to do good towards all. Yet He chose to share this power with those who believe in Him. This testing of our faith is precious to Him, and more valuable to us than any amount of wealth or power the world could give us.

Father God, I pray that the people of Waterford come to know You as the author of truth and the author of love, and life, and all that is good. Even those who already know You, that they come to know You better and see You for who You really are. We want Your truth! Look at us! Let us feel the power of Your gaze. Your cleansing, forgiving, and healing power. We believe in You. We are witnesses of Your truth! I pray this reality spreads throughout this community and beyond.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Look Up

It's time to lift up our heads and look to the Lord. Look for His redemption. Look for His help. His victory. His glory. His holiness. Look for His return. Lift up your eyes, look vertically, not horizontally, and behold Him. Honor Him. Worship Him.

"But when these things begin to take place, straighten up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near" Luke 21:28.

"But You, O Lord, are a shield about me, my glory, and the One who lifts my head." Psalm 3:3.

"And now my head will be lifted up above my enemies around me, and I will offer in His tent sacrifices with shouts of joy; I will sing, yes I will sing praises to the Lord." Psalm 27:6

"I will lift up my eyes to the mountains; from where shall my help come? My help comes from the Lord, Who made heaven and earth." Psalm 121:1-2.

"Lift up your heads, O gates, and be lifted up, O ancient doors, that the King of glory may come in!" Psalm 24:7

"Beloved, now we are children of God, and it has not appeared as yet what we will be. We know that when He appears, we will be like Him, because we will see Him just as He is. And everyone who has this hope fixed on Him purifies himself, just as He is pure." 1 John 3:2-3.

Saturday, April 27, 2019


Matthew 5:9
Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the sons of God.

We are called to be peacemakers. In this passage of Scripture from the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus  went on to say,
43 “You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ 44 But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, 45 so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven; for He causes His sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. 46 For if you love those who love you, what reward do you have? Do not even the tax collectors do the same? 47 If you greet only your brothers, what more are you doing than others? Do not even the Gentiles do the same? 48 Therefore you are to be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect. Matthew 5:43-48
Jesus is saying not to just be friendly to those who are friendly to you. Be different. Show you really are a son of God by loving your enemies. Yet, He later on He seems to contradict this:
34 “Do not think that I came to bring peace on the earth; I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. 35 For I came to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law; 36 and a man’s enemies will be the members of his household.
37 “He who loves father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me; and he who loves son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me.38 And he who does not take his cross and follow after Me is not worthy of Me. 39 He who has found his life will lose it, and he who has lost his life for My sake will find it. Matthew 10:34-39
Luke's account of this verse says this:
51 Do you suppose that I came to grant peace on earth? I tell you, no, but rather division; 52 for from now on five members in one household will be divided, three against two and two against three. 53 They will be divided, father against son and son against father, mother against daughter and daughter against mother, mother-in-law against daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law against mother-in-law.”
54 And He was also saying to the crowds, “When you see a cloud rising in the west, immediately you say, ‘A shower is coming,’ and so it turns out.55 And when you see a south wind blowing, you say, ‘It will be a hot day,’ and it turns out that way. 56 You hypocrites! You know how to analyze the appearance of the earth and the sky, but why do you not analyze this present time? Luke 12:51-57
There's a time to be a peacemaker, but there is also a time for a sword. In all things we put Jesus first. When we do, there are times it will cause division. We need to know the times--when we are to be a peacemaker and when it is a time of division. There is never a time to compromise Jesus or the Gospel for the sake of peace. Even if it costs us something--our own life, our comfort, our relationships. Yet we need to discern the times. The peacemakers are blessed. Loving and praying for your enemy shows you are a son of God.

There's times following the Lord will cost us something, we won't be able to bring peace, but there are times we will be able to. We should try for peace first. 

What is a peacemaker? One who restores two people to a relationship so they are not at war anymore. They are at peace with each other. A peacemaker is one who helps people in conflict work out their differences. A peacemaker will bring healing to relationships. Today, I felt specifically the Lord was addressing relationships in the workplace, church, and home. The relationships in your workplace, those you are connected with spiritually, and those in your home.

We need peacemakers in our life, and we need to be peacemakers for others. Not so we can compromise, but so we can bring true restoration and peace. When both sides receive healing, and are in proper relationship with the Lord, when we both have the same Head, they will have the same goals, motivations, and so on. The best peace possible is when both parties are submitted to the Lord. 

To be peacemakers, we would like to see everyone align with the Truth. Christians should not compromise if it means compromising the Lord or His Truth. There will be times of division. There may be people you need to separate from for the sake of peace. Lot and Abraham's herdsmen were arguing and separated for the sake of peace (Genesis 13). Yet sometimes separation may not be the best option, or should not happen without doing everything possible to restore the relationship, such as in marriages. 

Ecclesiastes 3 says there is a time to kill and a time to heal. A time of war and a time of peace. A time to love and a time to hate. God will always try and bring restoration first. First and foremost peace between God and man--that will bring the ultimate healing to a person.

Father, raise up the peacemakers in Waterford and beyond. That they bring healing and restoration, first and foremost with You, but also in the relationships they are in. That not only in the lives of others, but in our lives as well. In our own heart and mind we submit to You and Your Truth.We will not compromise. We make peace with You and Your ways. We accept Your ways--the ways of Your Word and Spirit. We accept Your Truth in our life. We accept You, honor You, Your will, Your Word, and Your ways, and we want to bring that to the people we come in contact with. We want to bring it to our families, those we are in spiritual relationships with--our tribe, our church, we want to bring it to our workplace, ministry, job, where we are using our gifts, we want to bring peace. To be a peacemaker. We want to see the rising up of the peacemakers in the community. Those committed to You and Your ways. Those who are secure and confident in their relationship with You and the love You have for them, that they are able to take up their cross and follow You. That they can love and pray for their enemies without compromising You. That they can discern the times and seasons to know when its time to heal or divide. 

There are times for compromise, but not His will, His ways, or His truth. We die to ourselves so His resurrected life can live through us.

Father, I pray for discernment so we know the times, when its time to join, and when its time to separate, that we're aware of Your love shed abroad in our hearts, and we walk in the love and healing and a restored relationship with You, so we are able to bring and release that to the people we come in contact with. Bring up this restoration of healing in Your people so we can be the peacemakers You've called us to be. Let us remember those times we come before You to honor and worship You and then remember our brother has something against us, that we go and attempt reconciliation with him. That we are quick to make friends with our opponents at law. That we know how to bring solutions to the problems and divisions that arise. That we are not so rigid that we don't compromise when we need to. Yet we are also brave enough and courageous enough to stand in opposition when we need to.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Spring Clean-Up & Boundaries

April 13th was Spring Clean-up Day in Waterford Township and I participated in the spring clean-up organized by them. I normally take a day in the Spring to "clean up and pray" and this fit right in with it.

We all know we need to clean up our own space around us. Whether it's our home, our yards, or our own lives. It's important that we take a look and examine our hearts and surroundings--to "clean-up" anything that may have gotten tainted or out of order. However, there is also a time to work to "clean-up" our public surroundings as well. We're not called to live isolated lives outside of the public view. We are called to go into all the world, to go into the public square--not stay cocooned in our own lives, homes, or churches. Be the salt and the light.

As I cleaned up trash along the roadside, I tried to discern the boundary between public and private. I was not sent to pick up trash on private property, just that which interfered with the function or beauty of the public space. In the same way, we all need to recognize the boundaries we have when it comes to the other people we come across in our walk. To what extent do we have "permission" to meddle in other people's lives? I'm thinking of when Jesus said, "first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye." (Matthew 7:5).

Of course there are times we confront our brother or sister and discuss matters of concern, due to our love for them, but always with an attitude of respect. (See Galatians 6:1, Matthew 18:15-17, Luke 17:3-4, Jude 1:23). We care for those believers who stumble, we don't want them to fall or get lost.  There is a time to rebuke, a time to forgive, a time to show mercy, and a time to separate. We need to properly judge the time, and pay attention to what behavior we allow, in the public space we have authority and influence over, because of the children and new believers.

So in our effort to clean-up the public space spiritually, as well as physically, keep the private property boundaries in mind. Jesus never forced anyone to believe in Him or obey Him so it wouldn't be right to have laws that force people to believe a certain way, or worship God when they don't want to. Of course there are consequences to sin and rejecting Jesus, but He still doesn't force Himself on anyone. We all have a choice, at least for now. One day no-one will be able to deny that He is God. (Philippians 2:9-11, Romans 14:11). The freedom of choice is what we need to defend and stand up for in America today, right down to our own state, county, city or township, neighborhood, and our own home. Liberty and justice for all!

After working for a while, I thought if everyone cleaned up the road in front of their own home, there wouldn't be a need for others like myself to do it. Of course there could be all kinds of reasons as to why some people can't so I wasn't there to judge that. There are times we all need each other. And if someone is neglectful, it still affects the public path and needs to be dealt with. Some of what we do as believers is cleaning up after others, due to their neglect or refusal. That's O.K., as long as it gets done, and we don't get an attitude against them in the process. However, remember the borders, some of the trash is personal stuff they need to take care of themselves. Don't cross that boundary. It's not good for you or them. 

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Bless, Not Curse

Apostasy on the Borders | Sabbath Sermons

The word for Waterford today is about blessing and cursing. It seems there are a lot of people in Waterford, who live here, who have believed lies and whispers of the enemy and have come to despise Waterford. They see it as a cursed land and not blessed. Instead of feeling blessed to live here they feel it's a curse. Some people from outside of Waterford have said that. That criticism is a type of persecution. But when its coming from the inside, it's more of a self-loathing. The criticism that God wants to deal with today is not coming from without, but from within.

The people of this community need to be sure not to agree with the words of others, whether inside or outside Waterford, which are words of cursing. Especially the believers. As Christians, we need to be careful that we don't agree with any of the curses which might be spoken over the township. They could be coming from demonic forces, or simply negative words spoken from people.

Of course Waterford is not perfect, but I don't believe God is cursing Waterford. We need to align with Him and agree with His words and what He is saying over Waterford. Words of blessing, healing, life, and salvation. I believe that is what He wants the people to do--speak over their own community, speak words of blessing, and ask Him to move in their community. Don't despise the place you live in.

Father God, we repent of negative, critical, and curse words that we've spoken over this Waterford region. Please forgive us for any negative words, words of cursing instead of words of blessing that we've spoken. We repent of those words. We no longer line ourselves up with or agree with those who are speaking curses. Forgive us and wash and cleanse us and let those words come to nothing. 

We make a decision to speak words of blessing, life, salvation, and healing over Waterford, the people, the land, the families, businesses, churches, government, and schools. Words of blessing, life and salvation, and healing, to draw the hearts of the people turn to You. Draw the the heartbeat of the community, Waterford at its core, to seek after You and seek to do Your will and line up with You. We ask for and speak this blessing, that You draw people by Your Spirit to You. Into salvation. That You've not given up on this community. You've sent Your angelic heavenly host to work on behalf of those who are and will be Your people. We unleash and release blessing on this community in Jesus' Name. Draw all people to You. We lift Jesus up so all are drawn to You. 

We ask that You release dreams, visions, revelation, understanding, teaching and the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus so the hearts of the people in Waterford, the hearts of the businesses and schools will turn to You and lift You up. That they will say yes, Jesus Christ is Lord and we worship the King of kings and Lord of lords. There is one true God. The God of the Lord Jesus Christ. The God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Noah, Adam and Eve, and all of creation. You are the one true God. We lift You up, exalt You, and worship You. We thank You for Your goodness, mercy, grace, and compassion. We choose to worship You. To speak words of blessing. We ask that You bless.

In Numbers 22 Balak hired Balaam to curse Israel. Balak was afraid of Israel because they were a large number and he knew they were blessed by God. He wanted them to be cursed so he could defeat them and drive them out. The enemy knows that when God has blessed something its a mighty thing. He will want to bring a curse on what God has blessed. He wants to bring a curse on us. He wants us to agree with him, Balak had to get Balaam because he knew that what he blessed was blessed and what he cursed was cursed (verse 6).

God has give us power and authority in our words. What we bless is blessed, what we cursed is cursed. Of course we need to align with God in what we say, but our words have power. The devil will try to get us to speak curses and agree with others who are speaking curses. We need to stop that and realize the power we have in our words. Balaam said he could only speak what the Lord tells him to speak (verse 38). If the Lord is speaking blessing, then we need to too.

We're not going to be hired out to speak curses. If someone speaks a curse, a complaint, a gossip, and we agree with them, we are agreeing with their curse. Either just be quiet or speak blessing instead. Don't agree with their curse. Speak what God says--His word. Today is the day of salvation for Waterford, not the day of curses. It's time for salvation and spiritual growth. We don't want to be hired out to speak a curse. When we agree with someone who is speaking a curse, we are getting something out of that--recognition, acceptance, something. It's like we're hiring ourselves out to speak a curse like Balak tried to do with Balaam. Our payment could be that we want to fit in, be accepted, look cool, or look like we're "in the know." But what we're really doing is selling ourselves out for a curse. We need to stop that and speak blessing instead. Speak what God is saying over our community. When God does bring judgement, it's a scary thing for those people. While we have opportunity to bless, we need to do so.

Father we speak a blessing over every square inch of Waterford. Bring salvation, bring healing, bring life, and deliverance. We speak deliverance from demonic deception, addiction, poverty, a religious spirit, from anything the enemy would bring to try to keep people from fulfilling the destiny You have called them to. Whether its people, groups, businesses, schools etc. we speak blessing, freedom and deliverance. The enemy cannot stop this community from fulfilling the purpose which You have purposed it to do in the holy mighty name of Jesus Christ. You're so good to us.

I had a dream last night. I dreamt I was praying for someone or something. I think I was praying for healing. After I was done, there was a girl or young lady standing next to me on my left. She was skinny, long blonde hair. She said something about them getting what they deserved. I said to myself, "That's a curse. She's speaking a curse and I'm not agreeing with her." I didn't say a word. I was careful not to say anything, especially anything that would indicate I agreed with her. Not even an "uh huh."

I believe that is the message for this community today, and for all of the body of Christ. That we don't align ourselves with those who are cursing our cities.

Father God, thank You for revealing this. We want to completely align ourselves with You and Your word. Holy Spirit and angles of heaven, alert us and all of God's people to the times the devil tries to get us to do this. Alert us so we are aware and don't fall into that trap. Help us become more aware of the words we speak, as well as what is in our heart. We need to let no unwholesome word come out of our mouth, but only that which is good for edification, according to the need of the moment, so that it will give grace to those who hear. (Ephesians 4:29). We want to speak words of grace We release words of grace over Waterford today in Jesus' name. Amen.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Yet is Now

As I was getting ready to pray for Waterford this morning, the only direction I had at first was that I kept hearing the word "Yet." Earlier this week I read to a group of fourth graders at a local school. When I finished, one of them mentioned that the book I read reminded him of "The power of 'Yet.'" Apparently, it is a Sesame Street saying which they use to try and convey the idea that you shouldn't give up if you can't do something, but keep trying. Don't say you can't do it, but that you can't do it yet. Whether its learning to read, a new skill or whatever. There are times you may feel like you can't do something, but that doesn't mean you will never be able to.

The word 'yet' has different meanings, but when used as an adverb it speaks of time. It could be past or future. "This is the best one yet" would be relating something happening now with the past, where "I haven't done this yet" would be relating the present with the future. It's a powerful little word that makes a big difference when added.

I felt like the Lord was saying there are some things that have not yet happened here, but that "Yet is Now." There have been some things we haven't been able to do that are going to begin to happen. However, we need to be aware that there are things we have to do to prepare for that. Just like someone who says they are unable to read yet, doesn't mean that they don't try, or don't work at it. There are things we have to do to prepare, and things we have to do to practice.

There's a difference between preparing and practicing. When we prepare we study, learn, listen, research etc. Where when we practice we are trying it out for ourselves. We are doing what we have been taught. We are being trained. We can learn all about something but we need to try it ourselves and be trained to do it before we can go to a whole new level.

Rick Joyner mentioned recently how some people think that if you plan something ahead of time that God is not in it. The thought is that it has to be spontaneous in order for it to be of God. That is simply not true. In fact, God is a huge planner. He envisions just about everything before He does it.

You could break down our growth in the Lord to five levels.

Family--son, daughter, heir

The second level of being a disciple is where the teaching occurs. The bond-servant level is where the training and equipping happens. The bond-servant level is often where people discover their gift. So many Christians are unsure of what their place is in the body. They just might need to move from the disciple level to the bond-servant level. Often when we get moving and start doing something our gift will surface. When we start practicing its like our own AIT--advanced individualized training.

We need to become personal in training new Christians. They need more than general teaching, but individualized training so they can take their place in the body of Christ. Of course they have to have the desire for more--to be more than just a convert. As Christians, all of us can move from being a follower to becoming a disciple--a student of the Word, one who takes up his cross and follows the Lord, and one who is being conformed to the image of Jesus. Jesus said a disciple is not above his teacher, nor a slave his master. It is enough for the disciple to become like his teacher, and the slave his master. (Luke 10:24-25). Yet there's a lot of people who settle in the teaching stage. They are content with being taught, but they are missing out by not pressing in and stepping up to the next level of bond-slave. There is so much more waiting for them.

I pray there is a stirring in the hearts of the people throughout southeast Michigan. That there is a stirring in the heart of God's people. That they want more than being just a follower, or even a disciple of Jesus, but that they want to become a bond-slave. That they are willing to do whatever the Lord wants them to with their time, money, resources, space, etc. That they dedicate it all to the Lord, so they can truly say, "All that I have is Yours. I want to put Your will above my will, build Your kingdom instead of my kingdom." 

This bond-servant relationship is not a forced relationship. A bond-slave is a person who has willingly chosen to be God's servant. God doesn't force anyone. If you want to remain where you are you can. But you can get closer to Him if you want. God I pray that by Your Holy Spirit and the angelic host of heaven, that You release into Waterford, Oakland County, and southeastern Michigan this desire and stirring to do more than just be a follower of You, more than a disciple, a student of the Word as important as that is. But release a desire to press in and become Your bond-slave and servant. We want all that I have to be Yours. To put Your will first. We want a closer relationship with You!

Of course we go on into friendship and family, but we still remain in the prior levels as we move on. We don't quit being a follower when we become a disciple. And we don't stop being a disciple when we become a bond-slave. We don't stop being a bond-slave when we become His friend.

Father God we pray for hearts of unbelievers to turn to You, but also for those who are already born-again and follow You, we pray You bring them to the next level of discipleship. That they develop a hunger for the Word of God, to study it and pour themselves into it. Let a love for the Bible be released into southeastern Michigan right now. Let there be a love for the Word of God released now in Jesus' Name. Also let there be a passion and desire for people to lay down their plan for Yours. To plan after the Spirit of God and not their own thoughts. Let them know there is more beyond.

We make a decision to be followers of You, disciples of You, bond-slaves of You at all costs. We will put Your will above ours. We will build Your kingdom before ours. We will give our time, space and money to You. Completely. 100%. Sold out, dedicated to You. Any fear that would come against this we rebuke in Jesus' Name. Those who are afraid to completely surrender to You. To take up their cross and follow You, we rebuke that fear in Jesus' Name. Get out of Michigan! We don't accept it here. For those who are listening to the lies of the enemy telling them they don't need to become radical for Jesus, we bind those lies in Jesus' Name. You shall no longer deceive God's people in this region. We silence those lies in Jesus' Name. The lies, deception, fear, no more. No more shall they prevail in God's people in Michigan any longer.

Father, by Your Spirit release the wind of Your Spirit to stir up the hearts of Your people. By Your angelic host of heaven bring Your presence and a hunger and desire for Your Word and desire to completely sell out. Give Your people thoughts and glimpses of what is to come. What can happen. All this week I have been getting glimpses, feelings, that something good is on the horizon. Something good is getting ready to happen---a joy and excitement is here. I think there is a darkness that is being lifted and a light coming to the area.

This darkness that has been covering this region be lifted in Jesus' Name. Let a new dawn dawn in Jesus' name. Let there be a new day dawning throughout Michigan. Lord, let Your light shine. Let there be an illumination that "Yet is Now." What has not happened yet, happens now so the timing You have for things come into alignment. I repent on behalf of Your church for getting out of Your timing and alignment. Have mercy Lord and forgive us and work things out like You do so we come into proper alignment and timing for our lives and this region.

Bring the people here who have been out of state that need to come back, and those who have been here who need to go elsewhere, move them on. Bring us into alignment that we are in the proper place at proper time. Our timing is right, our location is right, and our provision & finances are right. Proper job adjustments happen. Time, space, money. Timing, location, and provision. Bring them all into proper alignment so we can truly live in the land of our anointing and prosper in it. So we build Your kingdom not ours. We surrender to You Lord. We wave the white flag of surrender to build Your kingdom, not ours.

Father we take a minute to listen to You. We slow down and listen to You. We move out of the trap of busyness, hurriedness and rushing. We won't get sidetracked on things that use up our time and fill up our mind so we can't listen. If we're going to bring the yet here now we need to know how to listen to You and how You speak to us. We are Your sheep. We hear and follow You. We need to know that first before we can follow You, or serve You. We determine to slow down and get quiet before You, fall in love with Your written and spoken word, and act on it. It's not hard, but the enemy fights us. Sometimes our flesh does too.

Thank You Father for being so patient with us. For being good. We want to be like You Jesus, conformed to Your image. 

The Lord also spoke with me this morning about Sodom and Gomorrah. He pointed out to me how the angels listened to what Lot said. When they first came into the city, they saw Lot and he asked them to come stay at his house for the night. They said no, that they were staying in the square, but he persisted and they changed their mind and went to his house. Then when they were getting ready to destroy the city, they told Lot to go to the mountains. He asked if he could go to the little city that was there and they said yes. They said they granted his request and would not overthrow the little town. (Genesis 19). They listened to him.

Angels are on a mission from the Lord, but they can change some of the details within the confines of what the Lord has told them. They will respond to what we say and do what we ask if they can. We often have more freedom in this than what we realize. This is an area of prayer we need to be more aware of. We need to teach people and train them in this area. Prayer is not a religious duty, but a relationship, a conversation with the Lord where we discuss matters with Him.

The Lord told me eight years ago to begin Pray for Waterford Michigan and to pray for whatever I wanted. There was a lot I was praying for--schools, churches, families, businesses, government. But then I realized after a while that I wanted to pray for what was on His heart for this community. We need to know His heart and He needs to know ours. There is a basic plan--His will--but then we have a certain amount of freedom within that. We are partnering with Him. He is not a distant God, but He is our Father whom we can converse with, sharing thoughts on how to build His kingdom and stopping the evil. Father teach us how to partner with You, pray with You, and show us the guidelines of Your will for this community. We want to partner with You and use the freedom You've given us properly. Show us how to do it right Lord! 

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Waking Up of the Oil Soaked Wicks

Psalm 46:10 Cease striving and know that I am God.

I've had two different trains of thought that are tied together. First I saw people in the community being really busy in their thoughts. Their thoughts were extremely active to the point where they couldn't hear the Lord or any of the thoughts He was trying to get through to them. There was so much busyness in their minds that they didn't have a minute to just stop and think. It was almost like being ramped up on a stimulant like caffeine.

I saw how important it was for these people to stop striving. To be still, and aware of the presence of God and know that He is God. The people were busy with impulses, reactions, all kinds of thoughts, plans, and distractions. The enemy is trying to fill people's brains with anything to keep them away from being still and contemplating. These people needed to give themselves a minute to think. They need to have some blank time to daydream and open up to the thoughts coming up from their heart so they are not always being directed or dictated to as to what to do.

I could see families waking up, moms planning the day, but in a way that was hectic so they did not have a minute to sit, think, and enjoy. This is the devil's playground--keeping people so busy that they can't hear from the Lord. They are going in a direction that is fruitless, against His will, and even dangerous.

We want to be sure our thoughts, plans, and reactions are from Lord. I saw a lot of reacting going on. Instead of initiating, planning, and thinking from the heart, it was a lot of reacting and putting out fires that are distractions from the enemy. Then there was a breeze from the Lord that blew these 'busy' thoughts out of the way.

Lord, breathe and blow throughout the community. Blow out the rut of negativity, the habits of thought that are not from You. Blow out the negativity and distraction. Instead, blow in Your thoughts so the actions, planning, and thoughts of the people are from You and reveal the direction You want them to go.

With this breeze comes repentance. People will stop and think about the direction their life is going, and what they are spending their time doing. They will think about their priorities. They will say, "I want to repent and turn from this direction and go in another direction." They will have a desire to do things God's way.

Lord, stir up this desire as your thoughts blow into the people. Bring Your breeze that brings stillness. Its not a stormy breeze but it brings a stillness, calmness, peace, and causes people to contemplate, think, prioritize, and repent from ways they shouldn't be going to wanting to do it Your way.
Father, bring this breath and breeze so the people see the beauty of You and Your ways. So they see Your love, Your wisdom, Your life, Your goodness, Your reality, and Your holiness. That these thoughts be brought captive to the obedience of Christ. This truth of thought brings freedom. Our minds are freed by truth. Unblinded minds are freed by truth.

Father God, I pray about these impulses, reactions, programming, dictating, habits, distractions, diversions, and glitches of thought are freed by Your truth. The enemy can no longer blind the minds, fill the minds, or capture the minds, but they are free in Jesus' Name! I pray that Your breeze blows through and brings the revelation, the knowledge, the instruction, and direction You want people to go. Bring the life. I pray that people stop, listen, pause, and contemplate. Contemplate You. That their thoughts are guided towards You. Release Your angelic heavenly host to bring this to pass.

This goes along with the other train of thought which the Lord showed me--a baptism of repentance. These 'still' thoughts that come from the breeze lead people to change their direction and that is what repentance is--going the other way. I saw a baptism of repentance sweeping through southeastern Michigan. I saw a blaze--wicks that were oil soaked wicks. They were God's people. There was an accelerant in the air around them which was the Spirit of God and the Word of God. This breath/breeze that brings the stillness also brings an accelerant and fills the air so when one match is lit it spreads like wildfire throughout the region.

God is filling the atmosphere here with an accelerant by his Spirit and by His Word. The voices of  the enemy--guilt, shame, regret, criticism, and a religious spirit are blown away by the Voice of the Spirit of God. His Spirit and His Word is filling the atmosphere like an accelerant. The enemy knows it and tries to stop it. But he can't if we do what we need to do.

The religious spirit is going from churches. We'll get back to preaching Jesus, repentance, and salvation. Repentance prepares the way for the Lord. It prepares the hearts. Like becoming a new wineskin, we prepare our hearts so we are ready for Him--to be filled with His wine, His oil, His Spirit, His Word. This is the accelerant that fills the atmosphere so when one match is lit it will spread quickly.

I pray for the Christians--the believers, the leaders, the Spirit filled churches--especially the ones who feel they have it all together. They feel settled in. God, light a fire in their hearts so they can set the example. Begin in Your house and Your leaders to get the people out of their false sense of security/peace. Bring the true peace--the breeze that blows off the distracting thoughts. 

On the one hand the enemy brings busyness but on the other hand he tries to lull to sleep--a false peace. He brings thoughts that cause us to be complacent so we settle in and are lulled to sleep. The enemy will try either way--to keep us really busy or give us a false peace--sleep so we're unaware of what is really going on. We have to be able to discern both.

We need to tune in to the Spirit of God and the Word. I feel that this year it is especially important that we read the Word a lot. We need to be the oil soaked wicks that are soaking in oil. We need to be spending time in His presence, listening to His Spirit, and reading the Bible. As we do, our wicks are becoming soaked in the oil and that accelerant is being released into the atmosphere so when He brings the fire and lights the one match it will spread throughout this region. It will burn off what needs to be burned off and light the fire/motivate where we need to be motivated.

Father God we pray that you help us prepare our hearts to be the new wineskins, to be the oil soaked wicks, to get into Your presence and allow this breeze to bring the stillness from You, that we align ourselves and our priorities with You. That we don't give into impulses, programming, habits, or reactions that the enemy wants us to respond to, but that we respond according to Your Word and Spirit. That we're not lulled to sleep but we're not too busy with activity either. We want to be the oil- soaked wicks. We make the choice to soak in You. 

I pray for all of Your people, leaders, believers throughout this region, that You blow this breeze over them so they can still their hearts and listen to You. That they quit striving and know You are God. That they hear Your voice and hear Your Spirit and take the time to let the things go that need to be let go and listen to You. That they soak in the oil and get ready to be lit. Set the blaze afire when the time comes. Do that by Your Spirit and by Your angelic host of heaven. I pray we soften our hearts so we have the insight we need.

In Mark 6:52 it says that the disciples "had not gained any insight from the incident of the loaves, but their hearts were hardened." Jesus had done a miracle of feeding the 5000 and then the disciples went out onto the lake and a storm came up. Jesus came out walking on the water and stilled the storm. They were "utterly astonished." It amazed them so much because they hadn't learned from the miracle of feeding the 5000. The reason they hadn't learned from that was because their hearts were hardened. These were the disciples hearts that were hardened, not the crowd. Its not that they didn't want to believe, they were followers of Him. But it could have been that the fear of the storm hardened their hearts, or it could have been simply because they hadn't had enough time with Jesus yet for their hearts to soften. (Of course we know that eventually they did have softened hearts.)

The point is, we want to make sure that the fear of the storm doesn't cause us to harden our hearts because then we won't be able to gain insight--to hear, understand, and learn what we need to. We also want to be sure we spend enough time with Him, soaking in His presence, soaking our wicks so our hearts are soft.

Father God, I thank You for this word and insight and pray that You continue to give us revelation and understanding of this so we're ready. So when You light the fire in this region, we're ready, Your people are ready, and this blaze spreads throughout the region. I pray in Jesus Name that we stop the competition, the striving, doing things for show, arrogance, pride, false and evil motives. That we have a true heart filled with your Spirit, in sync with You, working in unity of the Spirit, that we release this blaze so it spreads throughout this region bringing revival and the awakening You desire.

The busy people I saw this morning were people waking up and going about their day like it was a robotic, pre-programmed thing. But some were beginning to literally wake up and say, "Wait a minute, is this what I want to spend my time doing? Is this the direction I want to go in my life?" This applied, not just to Christians but to others--those bound by addiction or crime--as well as families and believers. People are beginning to wake up and say, "This is not the direction I want to go with my life!" This awakening is coming as this still breeze comes to the people.

Lord, do it, and help us. We cooperate with You, Your Spirit, Your angelic host of heaven so that this can be done in this region and we can have this awakening and revival, this blaze that You desire to have in southeast Michigan in Jesus' Name, amen.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Languages of Heaven

I believe the Lord wants us to learn the languages of heaven to a greater extent than we have. We've been limited in our understanding of how He speaks to us, partially because we haven't expanded our thinking to seek out all His ways of communication.

We know He speaks to us through His Word--both written and verbal--and this is an important method of communication. Through His Word we can judge all the other methods of communication.
Hebrews 4:12:
For the word of God is living and active and sharper than any two-edged sword, and piercing as far as the division of soul and spirit, of both joints and marrow, and able to judge the thoughts and intentions of the heart.
The Word of God judges the thoughts and intentions of the heart. We also read that He upholds all things by the Word of His power. (Hebrews 1:3). The Word of God is the primary and basic way He speaks to us. It keeps us in check. We align any other way He speaks to us with it and judge it according to His Word. His Word is powerful and truth rests in His Word. His Word is truth (John 17:17). With a solid acceptance of His Word, we move on to explore the other ways He communicates with us--the other languages.

When you think of a baby learning a language, you know that he must first be able to physically hear the words spoken to him. This is how verbal communication,both understanding and speaking, begins. He must first be able to hear. However, a baby may repeat what you say before he understands what it means. We don't want to settle for that--just repeating what we hear from the Lord. We want to understand it and absorb it into our spirit so when we speak it comes from our heart. We receive His communication as the input, and we want the output to be from our heart which is incorporated with His heart.

This is true for written communication too. We don't want to read His Word and not understand it. We don't want to just re-write or copy what we read without it having gone into our hearts and taken root. We see in the Bible where they were told to eat the book, or scroll (Ezekiel 3:1, Revelation 10:9-10).
God's Word needs to become a part of us internally. We want the output--what we speak, what we do, and what our presence carries--to be a creative expression of the Spirit of God and our spirit being one, not just a regurgitation of what He is communicating with us. When God gets through to us in whatever language He is using to communicate, and we receive it in our heart, then our "output" expressions will be the result of our spirit mingled with His and it will be good, It will bring life and truth around us. 

This is why He wants us to learn the many languages of heaven. Many have been limited to thinking He only communicates to us through the Word. But there are other personal, local ways He speaks to us. We have got to learn these languages. How is He speaking to us here in Waterford? We thank Him for the written and spoken Word, but there is more we must understand.

Beyond using words, He will speak to us in images, pictures, dreams. Dreams or visions may have pictures, non-verbal sounds, and/or experiences. These are all ways He communicates with us--dreams, visions, images, non-verbal sounds (like trains, wind, music etc). We have to have proper understanding of those pictures and sounds. We have to properly interpret and understand those images and sounds just like we need to properly understand His written and spoken communications.

However, I think there is another way He desires to communicate with His people that we need to understand to a much greater degree than we have. That is through His presence. He communicates to us through His presence alone. Have  you ever noticed that if you sit with someone you have a close bond with, you can share a moment with them without anyone speaking? There is a bonding, a communication going on just by being in each other's presence. It's the same way in God's presence. There is communication going on when we are in His presence and open our heart to His communication. It may be an impartation, a revelation, or a degree of understanding we can't experience any other way. Its not seen, or heard, its felt. And our understanding of it will grow from that moment on.

So at times we might see--either physically or spiritually, and we may hear--physically or spiritually--but we also may feel something in His presence that is a powerful touch from Him. We need to become more aware of this "presence" communication. Communication through His presence. We need to know what it means.

When we are in His presence, we don't always have to prophesy, give a verbal interpretation of what's going on, share what we see etc. Although all those things are good and have a very important part of what we do. But sometimes we just need to sit in His presence. He may do things, things may occur, that can't happen any other way (Romans 1:11).

As congregations, families, or any other small groups we need to learn to just sit in His presence and be aware of Him. We need to learn to receive from whatever He's doing, inputting into us. Your mind will object. It will want a word or picture, but sometimes it won't happen. We are missing out if we do not receive this communication of His presence.

Luke 5:17 talks about when the power of the Lord was present to heal. When He is present, His power is present. When He's there, He's there in all of his fullness. Where two or three are gathered in His name, He is in the midst. (Matthew 18:20). We need to be aware of His presence when we gather in His name, and receive the communication He brings. There is something going on when we are in His presence. When we get this we'll have a greater grasp and understanding of who He is and all the other forms of communication will become more clear as well. The words, images, sounds etc. will become more clear to us and our expression of them will be more accurate, truthful, and powerful.

Father God, we pay that You do this in Waterford, Oakland County, southeastern Michigan, and beyond. That You help Your people understand and get this presence communication so we better understand the languages of heaven. So we learn Your languages. So we learn all of the ways You are speaking to us. We thank You for Your word, both written and spoken. We thank You for prophetic words, for pictures, images, symbolism, and sounds that are non verbal. We love all the ways You speak to us. We want these forms of communication and more of it. More understanding of them. We want our hearts to be absorbed with Yours so when we speak, create, act, or output in any way, it is in alignment with You and Your heart. We want to understand Your communications to us--Your revelations to us through Your beautiful presence. We ask for it, seek it, and cry out for it. Give us this presence communication. Teach us how to communicate with You this way. We ask it for us and for unbelievers. That the unbelievers develop an awareness of Your presence. That they seek it out and ask what it is they are feeling, and that You answer their prayer. That Your people will be able to answer them and teach them because they will be experienced in it first. We need to understand it ourselves so we can explain it to those who ask us about it--about what they are feeling--Your drawing by your Spirit. 

Wake up Your church to all of the ways You communicate with her. We press in to learn the languages of heaven. We desire this, and we press in and seek a better understanding of Your communications to us. There are other ways You speak to us and we want to know those too--through nature or creation etc.--so we can have a greater grasp of who You are, absorb that into our spirit, align ourselves with You, and express ourselves in a life-giving way. Thank you for your presence. You are so good to us.